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Great question! For as long as we’ve known each other our friendship has revolved around wheels of some sort. That’s usually where our escapades begin. Be it the six-wheeled limo Jamas owns, MX bikes, Jeeps, or racing and riding bicycles, we’ve been intertwined with adventure and wheels since around 1993 ... at least that’s when our paths crossed for the first time.

Jamas built more than a fair share of my taco’d wheels back in the 90s … usually over a sixer of Banquet tall boys. While we’re still enjoying the Banquet Beers, his approach to building wheels has gone through a transformation to lead the next generation of wheel builders.

Have you ever met Jamas? You should. You’d understand the passion, ideas, life, and magnetism that are Jamas. When the idea of starting a different sort of mountain bike wheel company started floating around, I couldn’t help but be drawn in. 


Oh yeah, hey, I'm Brad, or otherwise known by my self-imposed nickname of "Scoob." I personally bring a lifetime of sales experience, industry knowledge, and am possibly the only person qualified to harness all of Jamas' ideas (and energy) and bring them to fruition.

Together, we’re working to rewrite the book on building mountain bike wheels through our Intelligent Art approach. 


Come along and join us - you won’t regret it - that’s the Truth!

How We Got Here

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